Man I’m going to miss you guys….

June 11, 2009

Haha YEAH RIGHT!!! But you got to stay positive. Only good things will… well should come in the future. Except for people like Disha and Miranda because all they do is laugh at people. But the memories our with all of us, the friends, thoughts, good and bad. But all in all I’m going to miss you all. Some being more then others.. And Mr. Skonecki.. by far the worst teacher.. the meanest, most rude, impolite, unsensitive man that is out there. But when you think about it… that makes him the best.


Woman mistakenly junks $1 million mattress…

June 10, 2009

“An Israeli woman mistakenly threw out a mattress with $1 million inside, setting off a frantic search through tons of garbage at a number of landfill sites, Israeli media reported Wednesday. The woman told Army Radio that she bought her elderly mother a new mattress as a surprise on Monday and threw out the old one, only to discover that her mother had hidden her life savings inside. She was identified only as Anat, a resident of Tel Aviv. When she went to look for the mattress it had already been taken by garbage men, she said. Subsequent searches at three different landfill sites turned up nothing.”

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Tilt-Shift Maker

June 8, 2009



Parking tickets pile up on van with dead driver…

June 8, 2009

“A New York City woman says her father apparently lay dead for weeks in a minivan while police repeatedly left parking tickets on the vehicle. Jennifer Morales of Manhattan told the Daily News on Thursday that she believes her father, George Morales, died of a heart attack. Morales said she last heard from her dad in early May. She said she had contacted police, but police say they have no report on record. A city marshal found the body of George Morales on Wednesday while trying to tow the minivan from beneath the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway overpass. Parking tickets and dust covered the vehicle.”

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Timely tale: Hawaii fish coughs up gold watch…

June 8, 2009

“Hawaii resident Curt Carish boasts a timely fish tale: a 10-inch reef fish he caught by hand in shallow water coughed up a ticking gold watch. Carish says he was enjoying a picnic Wednesday on Port Allen beach when he saw the nenue fish awkwardly swimming close to shore. He says a friend gave him a bamboo stick and told him to get the fish. So he jumped into the waist-high water and hit the nenue until it went limp. He noticed the fish had an abnormally large belly as he tossed it into a cooler. A friend opened the cooler later to discover a gold watch next to the fish’s mouth. Carish says the watch was ticking and keeping correct time.”

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Bear cub spotted with head stuck in feeder…

June 8, 2009

“It was no honey pot like in “Winnie the Pooh” but a bear cub in Wisconsin was spotted with a bird feeder stuck on its head. A landowner in the northwestern part of the state told the state Department of Natural Resources about the cub over Memorial Day weekend. But the mother was so protective that DNR officers couldn’t get near the cub, who was still able to climb a tree, the local WQOW-TV reported. When the DNR set out a live trap this week, it caught both the cub and the mom. The feeder was found in pieces next to them, possibly chewed apart by the mom.”

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That’s Some Sweet Honey…

June 3, 2009

“Maybe these bees were too tired to fly for themselves. A gang of honeybees landed on the wing of a plane used for flight school training at Beverly Airport. At first, the 10,000 or so bees swarmed over the left side of the aircraft, then landed on top of the left wing. The owner of the flight center called police, who said to call local bee removal expert Al Wilkins. Wilkins used a specially designed vacuum to suck the bees off the plane, and then relocated them to hives where they will produce honey. Wilkins guessed that the queen may have stopped to rest on the plane, and the other bees congregated around to protect her.”

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Squirrel… Thief… Patriot…

June 1, 2009

“A brazen squirrel has been grabbing small American flags placed in a Port Huron, Mich., cemetery and carrying them up to its nest, which now looks as if it’s bedecked in bunting. Every Memorial Day, volunteers place the flags next to the graves of nearly 1,000 veterans buried at Mount Hope Cemetery about 55 miles northeast of Detroit. The flags were undisturbed during a Mass held Monday. The Times Herald newspaper reports that workers at the cemetery on Tuesday noticed several flags had been torn off their wooden staffs, which were still in the ground. The mystery was solved in front of superintendent Ron Ceglarek’s eyes. He watched a squirrel detach a flag stapled to a staff and carry it up a tree to the nest.”

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Man wearing only a thong charged in burglary…

May 29, 2009

“Deputies said a man who was caught wearing a woman’s thong was charged with a burglarizing a home. Chief Deputy Mark Lucas said deputies caught the 42-year-old man only wearing panties in an abandoned farm house. The officers followed his footprints from a nearby Andersonville home where a burglary had been reported. The man was charged with aggravated burglary, auto burglary and vandalism on Monday and was held on a $65,000 bond in the Anderson County Detention Facility.”

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Homicide on 12th and Locust…

May 28, 2009

“One person is dead and another was rushed to the hospital after a shooting Wednesday evening on the north side. Now the search is on for the gunman. It was an emotional scene for relatives and a frightening scene for neighbors. One woman who was afraid to talk on camera tells me when the bullets started flying she started ducking. “I dodged the bullets,” said the eyewitness. “I was in my car, heard the shots and everybody hit the floor.” The shots were fired near 12th and Locust. Police Captain Michael Massa said witnesses say a white van pulled up, stop and someone started shooting. Two men between houses were hit. One was killed. The other was hit in the leg.”

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